Scorpion Bay: A Novel


Will, who grew up with an alcoholic father, finds connecting with others a challenge, but eventually he begins a life he can be proud of. He finds steady work as a carpenter, and his relationship with his longtime girlfriend is going so well he can see it lasting forever. But it doesn’t. While Will wants his childhood to be the worst part of his life, now there is an even greater darkness that he is helplessly drawn to. As he grapples with the events of his distant and recent past, he encounters the same forces that overcame his father—and to survive, he must defeat them. Right when he has bottomed out, he is taken in by a Mexican fisherman and his family. Will learns much about life from the spiritual, humble fisherman, and the Mexican family guides him back to health and sobriety.

About Pat Steele

I was married with children at a young age, my 1st child was born when I was 21 and my wife was 19. We pursued the American dream by accumulating valuable resources. I was working 6 days a week as a roofing contractor and after hours building and remolding houses with my wife. By the time our youngest child was 21 we were ready for a re-evaluation of our priorities. One of my clients, a General Contractor, offered a house sitting opportunity in Mainland Mexico. My wife and I are avid surfers and the Mexican house was an isolated location with great surfing. We rented our house, put our jobs on hold and waved good-bye to our shocked adult children.

The area we lived in had no T.V., radio or phone reception. The only contact with the U.S. was a fax machine in a village 45 minutes away. Once we decompressed, our lives became extremely simple. Eat, surf, sleep and explore. After a couple of months of exploring, we had seen everything interesting in the vicinity. With an enormous amount of free time for the 1st time in my life, I started writing. Creative writing had been my only successful endeavor in school. After 6 months of pecking away, I had a rough draft. After I got back to the States, I showed my book to my friend Tom. He inspired me to clean up the grammar and pursue publishing. My wife and I have returned to the American dream of over work and no free time. Aloha.