by Tom Stern:

Just Lucky I Guess

Tom Stern has always been something of a Renaissance man. Living his life moment to moment, reluctant to limit himself, broadening his horizons and enjoying life. Stern’s new memoir, “Just Lucky I Guess”, is a series of short story adventures put into a timeline thereby creating a fascinating and enjoyable book.

Stern spent his early childhood on the Jersey Shore, where he got into his share of mischief but also leamed important lessons about adulthood. The country went through the Great Depression, but Stern’s parents were determined to give their children a decent life. Stern remembers the start of World War II and his father’s work as a “spotter’ of suspicious planes and ships in the Atlantic.

At twenty-two, Stern was invited down to Vero Beach by the Brooklyn Dodgers, got hurt, and was immediately drafted into the Army. Luckily, he was sent to Germany rather than to Korea. While in Germany he decided to pursue a career in showbiz as an actor, which lead to writing, producing, and directing in Hollywood.
In a short story format, Stern’s book paints a fascinating picture of a life well lived.

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